Finding that "perfect" concealed carry holster is almost a never ending quest for individuals who carry concealed. Most people go through a series of holsters in a trial and error process trying to find the perfect combination of comfort and concealment.

In most cases, handgun owners end up with the proverbial "box of holsters" that end up sitting around without being used.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review of the Don Hume PCCH Holster

The PCCH is suppose to be Hume's top of the line IWB model. PCCH is an acronym for Preferred Concealed Carry Holster. I've been on a Don Hume kick for awhile so I thought I would give this model a try.

From what I can tell, this is the only Don Hume IWB holster they offer that features a bodyshield. This model also has a reinforced holster mouth and attaches to the belt using two snap straps.

I grabbed one for my Kimber Tactical Carry and gave it a try. Here are my thoughts:

Likes - Overall, I thought it was a nice holster. I like the design and placement of the straps. Although it probably doesn't look like it from the picture, the holster actaully rides in the waist as a forward cant. I wouldn't say the cant is a full 45 degrees, but probably close to it. The holster is relatively easy to get on and take off, although the snaps can be a little tricky if you are carrying behind the hip or near the kidney. This model also has a semi-closed bottom, which I personally like versus a completely open bottom.

Dislikes - While the holster looks nice, the finish is sprayed on and I'm not sure how long that will last with some use. The snap straps are the general one size fits all so the holster tends to shift with a 1 1/2" or 1 1/4" belt. The belt shifting is far worse with the smaller 1 1/4" belt. I would much rather see interchangeable belt straps in various widths. This would allow for a much more stable platform.

Would I buy another PCCH? Probably? It's a little higher on the cost scale with an average retail price of $46.00. Although I liked the features, I can buy 2 of the less expensive H715M W/C holsters that Hume makes for hte price of one PCCH.


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