Finding that "perfect" concealed carry holster is almost a never ending quest for individuals who carry concealed. Most people go through a series of holsters in a trial and error process trying to find the perfect combination of comfort and concealment.

In most cases, handgun owners end up with the proverbial "box of holsters" that end up sitting around without being used.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Great article on pros and cons of CCW for women

The sheer volume of concealed carry holsters made specifically for women indicates a growing demographic in the firearms industry. Additionally, there are several gender-neutral holster options available for self-defense. This many options can create confusion for the average consumer. Holster options have benefits and drawbacks that may or may not be obvious. Before selecting a concealed-carry holster, it’s important to evaluate your needs and the potential obstacles they might present. Read the rest here: #ccw #concealedcarry #ccwforladies #gunholster
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