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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Family Members Finding Out You Carry?

I had an interesting experience this Easter as I went to a small family reunion of sorts and had a relative bump my handgun during a hug. This triggered a somewhat public series of questions about what "that" was and why I was carrying a gun, etc., etc.

I bring this up and you as a CCW holder probably need to prepare for this possiblity. Lucklily, this isn't the first time I've experienced this situation, so I was fairly prepared with my responses.

My suggestion is to approach the issue in a low key non-threatening manner. No matter how qualified and safe you are, guns make some people nervous, period. I politely and discreetly told my aunt, that I was carrying a concealed pistol to protect my family and I was lawfully licensed to do so. I even went so far as to phow her my CCW permit and provide some limited statistics about CCW and crime.

It's important to come across as intelligent and non-threatening in these situations as not to be labeled a "gun nut" or some other sterotype associated with gun ownership. Don't make a bid deal about it and downplay the situation. While showing your permit is acceptable, I wouldn't display your weapon even slightly. Don't lift your shirt, or anything like that.

Once you feel that you have addressed the situation, move on as if nothing ever happened. Once I spoke with my aunt for a few minutes openly and honestly about protecting my family, she moved right into a conversation about my kids.

If confronted or questioned on this matter, then is not the time to enter or defend any gun control issues or current gun related political issues. While I'm not saying speak up for your rights or your causes, be aware that even sub-consciously, other people may feel threatened by pro-gun talk while you are carrying a weapon.

Being prepared is far better than adopting a "deer in the headlights" approach and becoming defensive.


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