Finding that "perfect" concealed carry holster is almost a never ending quest for individuals who carry concealed. Most people go through a series of holsters in a trial and error process trying to find the perfect combination of comfort and concealment.

In most cases, handgun owners end up with the proverbial "box of holsters" that end up sitting around without being used.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Delivering the Shot

I recently changed my daily carry gun

No, not because it’s winter, and it is the season for bigger guns. I changed based on an experiment I did at the range a few weeks ago. I took a handful of guns with me that needed to be checked for various reasons – new mags for some, sight upgrade for another, and a caliber conversion in the last (for a friend).

I ran some rounds through my G19 to test the new Trijicon HD’s I installed, then I tested the new mags I picked up for my Sig P238, M&P Shield and M&P Compact. Lastly I tested a .40 cal to 9mm conversion I did for a friend on their Glock G22.After all the function tests were successful, I decided to shoot the guns at 7, 15, and 50 yards at a ¼ scale steel silhouette target. I decided to use a timer for a par time, but mostly I was listening for hits within the par time. I varied the times from 3 seconds to 9 seconds depending on the distance for each 5 to 10 shot string. I was drawing from appendix position with each pistol since that is how I have been carrying lately.The results were interesting, and maybe I will post them in another entry, but I realized that hitting a ¼ scale target at 50 yards with a pocket size .380 is a challenge. I could do it, but not fast enough for my liking. The Shield made it a little easier, but I still wasn’t completely satisfied with the results. The M&P compact, my G19, and the converted G22 produced much better results for me. I could regularly hit 9 of 10 shots on the steel at 50 yards with those guns. The shorter distances were not a problem with these guns either…or the Shield for that matter. 

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