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Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Great Caliber Debate Takes Another Twist

The great caliber debate took another twist recently when the FBI announced they were migrating back to the 9mm as their official duty caliber in 2016. Their bullet of choice is going to be the 147 grain Speer Gold Dot G2. In addition to migrating back to the 9mm caliber, the FBI is also looking at deploying a new 9mm pistol for agents in 2016, but they are mum on what that may be. Although many surmise that based on the FBI’s strict RFQ/RFP specs for a new handgun, the Sig P320 is a current frontrunner. Based primarily on an FBI shootout in Miami, FL in 1986, the 9mm was deemed as a “ineffective” round and dumped in favor of the significantly more powerful 10mm. However, agents had trouble with accuracy on the hard recoiling 10mm, so it was dropped in favor of the slightly less powerful S&W .40 caliber. The .40 is the currently approved round most agents are issued. Much of the decision to switch back to the 9mm was predicated on ballistic information that the FBI has been evaluating since 2007. That information was leaked in 2014 in a report from the FBI’s Defensive Systems Unit. Just a heads up if you happen to be searching online for the report, there are 2 things to be aware of: #1 – The report itself contains somewhat graphic images of various shooting wounds so be aware of you are squeamish. #2 – Some of the reports at various locations appear to be infected with some form of computer virus as I was unlucky enough to pick one up.Read the rest of the article here: #CCW #gunholster #concealedcarry
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