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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beretta 9000S - Perfect For Concealed Carry

Introduced into the market in 2001, the Beretta 9000S pistol was a number of "firsts" for Beretta. It was the first pistol that they had specifically designed for the U.S. concealed carry market. It was also the first polymer frame pistol that Beretta had ever produced. Finally, it was the first pistol that Beretta had ever designed that would operate and fire as a single or double action weapon.

Past Beretta handguns had been constructed from steel, but Beretta knew that they would have to reduce the weight on the 9000S to make it a viable concealed carry weapon. They did that by producing the frame from a lightweight technopolymer that was reinforced with fiberglass. To further strengthen the frame, it also features two special steel alloy rail inserts that guarantees slide-to-frame fit.

In 2001, the .40 caliber S&W version was released to the market, and the 9mm model was released the following year. The .40 cal. model carries 10+1 while the 9mm model carries 12+1. In order to be attractive to existing Beretta pistol owners, the 9000S will also accept a 9mm or .40 cal mag from the larger Beretta 92 or 96 using a special grip sleeve adapter insert from Beretta. The 9000S magazines also feature a proprietary lip design that incorporates a extending lever into the magazine floor. This will allow shooters with larger hands the option of extending the mag with the flip of a switch.

Originally, the 9000S was produced in a double action only configuration. This model is commonly called the 9000S-D version. In 2004, Beretta released a new variant of the 9000S that would function in both a single and double action mode. This model was called the "F" version. The F model could be carried and fired in the hammer down position or the cocked and locked position that was commonly found on Browning weapons like the Hi-Power or 1911. The F model was equipped with a decocker/thumb safety that allowed the pistol to be carried with the hammer back, and also allowed the hammer to be decocked. All 9000S models are built with a block in the firing pin that prevents a discharge without the trigger being activated.

Like many other handguns on the market, the 9000S is easy to field strip and breaks down into 4 components. All the components are large so the shooter won't lose any parts or have to be concerned with any small springs. Reassembly takes a matter of seconds and the weapon is battle ready again.


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